You are a soul having a physical life on the Earth in order to learn, grow and progress. The incarnated Soul is that part of you which experiences the human existence and receives guidance from the higher Soul, sometimes called the higher self. Its purpose is to transmit specialised information that has been agreed upon prior to birth including the personality, karmic responsibilities, plans, agreements, contracts and associations, etc.

When the incarnated soul is fragmented (or disconnected), the mental, emotional and physical processes are negatively affected, creating instability, miscommunication, detachment from intuition and a sense of isolation. 

Disconnection can occur when someone is faced with a severe physical, emoti...


It is understandably difficult to choose which therapy is most helpful for you, especially at a stressful time.


So, I am here to help you decide what is best for you. Call me for an obligation free chat, I will listen to your needs and then recommend a course of action. 

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