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Good Vibrations - Healing using sound

Welcome to the world of sound. I'm not only referring to listening to some great tunes and bopping along to the genre of music you love but allowing sound to be a healer. We instinctively 'feel' music: it speaks to our very heart and can lift a negative mood and stimulate and motivate us to take action.

Using sound as a form of medicine for the body and soul has been around for centuries, well millennia really if you think about the Yidaki (didgeridoo) used by the Australian Aboriginals and drums made from hide used by many ancient peoples. Music has played, and still does play, an important role in every culture on the globe.

Sound healing, sound bath and sound meditation are all names that can be used to refer to a healing technique that has greatly increased in popularity especially over the last decade. There has been a lot of research into the benefits of sound and how it affects different physical and emotional conditions from high blood pressure to anxiety. I spent 18 months studying sound therapy when I documented over 100 hours of practical research on 16 clients. I can attest to the range of amazing outcomes and notes so many interesting changes in them and their awareness over the repeat sessions.

A sound healing session can be a passive experience where you can deeply relax, even sleep, or you can take a more interactive approach by focussing on an intention or something specific you wish to gain insight about and start to heal.

I have a deep respect and love for the range of instruments used in the sessions. I first picked up a crystal singing bowl in 2003 and was instantly transported to an ethereal, dream-like state. By 2006 I had invested in a number of them which I used in meditation classes to help the students relax and go inwards. Since then I have expanded my 'orchestra' to include some gongs, hand made hoop drum and rattles, chimes, metallic Himalayan singing bowls, clapping sticks and all manner of bells and percussion pieces. I also spent many hours honing my voice and learning overtone singing like that found in many shamanic traditions, all to bring the attendees to the sessions a deep and moving encounter with the magic world of sound.

If you are yet to experience a sound healing I encourage you to give it a go with an open mind and a willing heart. Even if you just have a relaxing sleep, your body and mind will thank you for it.

Please let me know if you have any medical devices such as pacemakers or metallic implants. It doesn't preclude you from the sessions but occasionally they can conduct the sound strongly and vibrate if I get close to you.

Some sound healing is not suitable for people with noise phobias, severe PTSD or not well controlled mental health conditions such as schizophrenia and psychosis where noise might trigger issues. If you have any questions please call me to discuss.

I am running sessions on Thursdays in South Fremantle/Beaconsfield at a limestone factory unit that is fast becoming a comfortable space with lovely inviting and supportive energy.

Address: Unit 6/250 Hampton Road, Beaconsfield

Parking: In the Ultra Tune carpark located next door or in the shopping centre carpark on corner of Hampton and Douro Roads.

Evening sessions there is parking available on site enter from Strang Street via security gate, next to Reads Electrical (google destination).

Time: 11am - 12.15pm ($15 special for low income, pension, concession) $30 waged

7pm - 8.15pm ($30 waged, $22 concession)

Payment: Cash at door or bank transfer

Provided: yoga mats, pillows, blankets

Bring: water bottle, light throw/sarong, anything else to make you comfy

RSVP: Lisa 0439 939 508 and for bank details or any questions

These sessions are run by Lisa Nicole Throssell co-founder of 11 Principles Pty Ltd, Holistic Practitioner, Registered Nurse (BSc Nursing), Sound Therapist, SkaSys Vibrational Medicine Specialist, Meditation and Ascension Teacher, Reiki Master, Touch for Health Kinesiologist

Follow me on Facebook: @lisanicolethrossell @11principles

Instagram: lisanicolethrossell LinkedIn: Lisa Throssell YouTube channel under construction


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