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Reclaiming what is rightfully yours - all of you!

Ever wondered why you feel like something is missing? Well maybe something is!

As small children it is vital to our existence that we fit in, to feel that we are valued, accepted and looked after by our parents and/or our primary caregivers. This is an ancient survival program within each of us which by-passes the logical mind and is instinctual. The child takes on patterns and programs from mum and dad in the hope of being loved, nurtured and cared for and at the same time subconsciously gives away aspects of themselves

As we move into adulthood most of us do not realise that we have lost these important parts of ourselves because they have been missing for so long and we can't fully access them. They make up the tools and emotional coping strategies we need to be a competent adult and can include self-esteem, inner strength, confidence, control over our emotions and much more...

To address the limitations that this can create, such as creating drama and havoc in your life or exacerbating a sense of loss and grief, Reclaim and Reintegrate Therapy (R&R) was born. This type of non-confrontational energy therapy evolved from a more masculine and somewhat confronting modality.

I channelled the specifics of the method in direct response to seeing many of my clients who were dealing with the results of childhood trauma, abandonment and betrayal amongst other things. These experiences, which in most cases occurred decades ago, were still impacting many aspects of their lives. They made it difficult to find loving, respectful relationships, fulfilling work, and inner peace and harmony. In turn there were issues with self-worth, lack of abundance, addictions and other forms of self-harming behaviours including risk-taking and remaining in dangerous, narcissistic relationships.

I didn't like the stories they told me of being triggered or invited to relive their horrendous experiences in order to clear the pain and suffering. I thought a more gentle, less intrusive, nurturing therapy was needed to not add to their emotional and physical trauma and without the need to re-live old experiences.

The R&R process is all about making a conscious decision to get back in control, to steer your own ship, to be able to make personal decisions with clarity and confidence. We start by releasing all the aspects that aren't actually yours including the unconscious and limiting patterns and programs. Then you can reclaim what is rightfully yours including your sacred heart, inner strength, creativity, self-love, vitality, natural healing ability and intuitiveness!

You deserve to be the best you can be! Why not ditch the difficulties of the past and move into a new way of being. Book an appointment now for an in-person or distant session (Zoom, Messenger, Telegram video or mobile call in Australia). Contact Lisa Nicole Throssell on 0439 939 508 or email .


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