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Shamanic Healing Practices


Taking care of spiritual business!

You might be seeking this form of healing to get help with any manner of things related to spirit, Soul, metaphysical and psychic issues, inter-dimensional realms, and other-worldly beings. Especially if you feel like you are under psychic attack, have negative energy or attachments needing liberating, or anything bothering you that you cannot address on your own.

Even though I completed a tough 18 months worth of formal shamanic training in 2015, I have a longstanding relationship with all things spirit that goes way back to my teens. I have gratitude for Mark for the modern shamanic practice and for my brilliant teachers back in the 80's, Maggie and Allan, for their teaching and mentoring. They not only helped me to learn about my natural gifts, but how to maintain healthy boundaries and to stay in the Light so as to not allow fear to become a conduit for negativity.

But what is shamanic practice or shamanism? And what is the difference compared to a psychic, medium or clairvoyant? Michael Harner PhD renowned anthropologist and author of "The Way of the Shaman" says to identify someone as an authentic practitioner of shamanism ask them “Do they journey to other worlds? Do they have relationships with spirits? And do they perform miracles?” I can answer yes to all of those questions, although the miracles have been more subtle in nature. I also humbly attribute a good proportion of the miracle work to the amazing healing ability and resolve of the individual clients. In recognition of their brave Souls I give credit where it is due.

I am very experienced in this field of work and a shamanic session follows your needs with your highest good in mind, and is directed by my shamanic team of guides and spiritual helpers. Firstly your Soul is energetically protected before proceeding with any work. I use a wide range of specialised techniques which might involve the use of crystals, smoke, instruments such as a drum, shakers, rain-stick, silence, voice, chanting and other sounds sometimes which might seem a little weird like growling or swooshing. 

The aim is to identify energy imbalances and any attachments or entities present, both visible and hidden, to clear any negative energy from you, to remove any external interference(s), hooks, connections, implants, controlling thought streams etc then retrieve any soul fragments and positive aspects, any and all tears, voids, leaks and holes are repaired, your entire energy systems are cleared and re-balanced; and your body and energy fields are harmonised and revitalised.

Cleansing the body of stagnant energy and any attachments allows you to be back in control of your life, thereby increasing your ability to act more positively and think more clearly. Other benefits include increased physical and mental vitality, reduced anxiety and mood swings, a decrease in, or complete elimination of, physical ailments, aches and pains, which leads to more peace and harmony in your life.

At the end of the session, I will teach you some simple protective exercises to maintain energetic strength. It is your responsibility to do them daily to maintain balance and to properly look after yourself.

You may feel quite tired following a session and I advise to get sufficient rest, stay well hydrated and avoid alcohol and drugs at least for a few days afterwards.

Removal of Entities and Spirit Attachments 


Many people who need help in this area may experience a sense of disconnection, powerlessness and an inner emptiness, but cannot put their finger on any cause. They may also hear voices, or commands in their minds, feel like they are not in control and suffer from poor sleep, a sense of foreboding, unexplained terror or vivid nightmares and persistent unexplained fatigue and/or low-grade chronic illnesses unresolved by treatment.

They often show a tendency to self-medicate through the use of alcohol, marijuana or drugs in order to cope, to try to 'drown out' the noise or 'numb down' the sensations, but this just adds to the lack of control they already feel and can cause other social and relationship issues which further alienate the person from the support they need. If this sounds like you, or a family member or friend you care about, all is not lost, read on - help is at hand.

It is important to point out that even where an attachment has a gentle nature and their intention is not to cause harm; for example the elderly grandmother who sticks around after her death to look after her beloved cat, they ALL cause damage on some level to the physical host. If you would like to learn more about the different types of entities and the ones I have encountered in some 30 odd years doing this work, click on the 'Learn More' button.

After a session, often there is a noticeable improvement in behaviour, sometimes immediately, however, if negative patterns have been learned and repeated over a long period of time, some behavioural re-training may be necessary.

If you suspect you have a spirit presence in your home and it does not appear to be connected to a member of your family, that is it stays in the home and doesn't leave and return when a particular person does, please see Space Clearing & Environmental Cleansing page for further information.

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