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Entity and Attachment Clearing

In metaphysical terms, an entity is a real, but usually an invisible thing, felt or seen by those who are intuitive or sensitive to energies, and understood by those who are capable of working in many different realms of existence. Entities and attachments range in degrees of strength and intention from the mild, non-threatening and benevolent to the fierce, formidable and evil-natured variety.

Types of Entities or Attachments

There are many different types of entities ranging from the innocuous to the pure evil. I have encountered a wide variety of them over the years and for simplicity categorise them into two main groups based on their make-up. Within these two main groups I could classify many sub-groups based on their place of origin, their characteristics, temperament etc, but suffice to say there is a sliding scale of strength/power and nature/intention. You never want to encounter the strongest and the most malevolent ones that is for sure!  The two main categories I use are lost souls and non-human attachments. Read on to learn a little more about them.

Lost Souls

Sometimes referred to as spirits, discarnate or disembodied entities, lost souls are a more common occurrence than you might imagine.

When a person dies and they are unable, or unwilling, to pass over properly within a given time frame, their Soul becomes trapped on the Earth (the 3D realm in which we live). In my experience (and that of many others) once departed from their physical body they still maintain their personality, their desires and behaviours, as well as their previous physical appearance (most commonly how they looked fairly close to their time of death) and which is visible to people with mediumship or clairvoyant abilities.

Even though they no longer have a physical body, they are still energetic in nature and require energy to continue to exist. They choose to acquire that energy from a person who then becomes a living host. If they don't form an attachment they will need to extract energy from their environment and draw on the vitality of people, animals and plants. When this is the case we usually refer to them as ghosts, phantoms, poltergeists etc. and they remain in an often clearly defined space and don't travel around with a host. 

Lost souls generally choose their host, where they have a chance. I have found that they attach themselves to people who remind them of a family member, persons who have the type of personality they wish to vicariously live through (e.g. alcoholics, drug addicts, risk-takers), those who provide the resonant level of vibration needed, or someone who will look after them; especially evident in the case of lost soul children attaching to nurses, carers etc.

Some of the lost souls now liberated from the earth plane whom I have had the honour of assisting to cross over safely, include:

  • a young man who didn't realise he'd been killed in a car crash

  • a little boy who was looking for his grandmother

  • many who've died in hospital and attached themselves to the caring nurses

  • a suicide victim who did not intend to kill himself at the time and was racked with grief over his 'mistake'

  • a victim of murder who stayed to exact revenge

  • deceased relatives needing forgiveness before being able to pass over

  • religious persons who were terrified to go into the Light because they feared God's retribution.

Non-Human Attachments

Any entity that doesn't have a soul; i.e. has not been a sentient being/human, falls into this category. These may include ancient earth-related creatures such as gargoyles, snake or dragon-like energies as well as red-eyed devils, things that look like werewolves, black magic-induced creatures and alien beings. These attachments can be very nasty and usually cause a lot of distress to the host. Some signs I have noted in people with attachments of this type include:

  • extreme changes in behaviour - risk taking, carelessness of one's safety ...

  • atypical violence towards others

  • increase in addictions to alcohol and drugs

  • severe depression, moodiness and withdrawal

  • sudden or unexplained physical illnesses

  • excruciating localised pain - stabbing, searing or severe pressure ...

  • hearing voices most often mean, violent or threatening in nature

  • incidences of self-harm - cutting, burning ...

If you suspect you or a loved one has an issue with something like this, please know that using common place interventions such as prayer, smudging with sage or other incense and telling it to go (no matter how firmly it is said), is not likely to be effective and in some cases can cause the negative and/or controlling issues to escalate. Feel free to contact me to ask my opinion on your situation.

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