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Space Clearing and Environmental Cleansing

When there is harmony and energetic balance in your surroundings, there is a corresponding level of improvement in health, relationships, work performances, motivation, mood and even sleeping patterns.


How do I know if a space clearing is what I need?

Take a look at this checklist. If you can tick off quite a few of them in relation to your home or business premises, then the answer is more than likely YES.


  • Moving into a new home or premises

  • Tragedy, emotional trauma or death in the property

  • Marriage or relationship break-up

  • Wanting a fresh start - moving on from the past

  • New baby or family member coming into the family home

  • Wanting to create a space of peace, harmony and prosperity

  • Needing to sell a property to which you feel emotionally attached 

  • Sensing stagnant, cold or negative energies especially confined to one area

  • Family or staff are constantly sick

  • Continual discord, arguing or fighting among employees or family members 

  • Emotional outbursts or moodiness for no reason

  • Feeling like someone is watching you, sensing an invisible presence

  • Noticing unexplained shadows or movement

  • Disturbed sleep patterns

  • Hearing strange noises or footsteps particularly when on your own or at night

  • Getting the shivers up the spine, goosebumps or buzzing in ears 

  • Constantly feeling uncomfortable, churning in the stomach or low-grade headache

  • Other people commenting on the premises not feeling welcoming 

Space clearing and environmental cleansing creates similar benefits to a Feng Shui assessment but does not require elements to re-direct or repel energies. Having an energetically clean environment will improve many aspects of your life, including overall health, motivation and relationships. When positive energy abounds, the space feels uplifting, joyous and harmonious.

Daily life can create stressful situations, such as frustration, illness and conflict that negatively affect the space in which you live or work. When negative energy predominates, the space feels uncomfortable, unsettling and sometimes even creepy. When you are lacking in motivation, constantly fatigued, sleeping poorly, irritable, etc, it may be that the energy in your environment is the cause. If your home or office happens to be located close to a freeway or railway line, or near high tension electric cables, microwave, radio or mobile phone towers, then your symptoms are likely to be exacerbated. Occupants and pets will be affected to varying degrees, depending on their sensitivity.

If you feel your home or business is in need of an energetic spruce up to bring in more love, light and abundance or requires a full-on 'guns a blazing' clearing of negativity and weird stuff, I am up for the task. With almost 35 years working with energy, spirit, other realms, earth energies and custodians, there is nothing I haven't seen - the good, the bad and the really ugly.

For properties in the Perth Metro area clearings can be conducted on-site, distantly or using a combination of the two. Access to the majority of the property is optimal as I use a range of techniques to identify problem areas; pinpointing imbalanced energies in the individual spaces. I will make any corrections necessary and check that all identified imbalances are rectified before leaving the property. A detailed written report is emailed or posted to you as soon as it is completed.

For clients outside the Perth metropolitan area I offer a distant clearing service. I require the address and a list of current occupants and their birth dates (where possible), as well as a map if not visible on Google Earth and Maps.

Space clearing is an ancient practice still used in many cultures around the world, where it is unthinkable to move into a new house or business premises without cleansing and blessing the space first. Spaces accumulate energy, both positive and negative, with the source being either man-made, including thoughts and emotions, electrical interference or antagonistic microwave emissions, or natural, such as underground water, geopathic stress or Ley Line activity.

To maintain a vibrant living and working environment it is advisable to have a brief energetic cleanse annually.


Contact me with your initial enquiry to determine the extent of the work required. Sometimes the actual space is not the cause but rather the individual may need a healing balance or a clearing.

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