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Therapies for Animals

Looking after your companions, pets and working animals

I love animals of all shapes and sizes. As a kid, our family had cats and dogs, dozens of guinea pigs, budgerigars, a goat and the occasional echidna, when we lived in the country. Our homes were also frequented by the odd assortment of rescued wildlife from birds to blue tongue lizards. As an adult, I have added chickens, regular sized ones and bantams, to that list.

Animals are wonderful to work with, either in person or distantly, as they respond so well to a range of energetic and natural therapies. Reiki is a great all-rounder for alleviating a variety of symptoms such as anxiety, stiffness or pain. SkaSys is great for identifying the underlying factors or triggers associated with disease and complex disorders such as arthritis, phobias, eating problems, trauma etc and to check compatibility and efficiency of their diet, supplements, skin care, proposed therapies. Treatment with vibrational homeopathic remedies is easy and very effective, just administer some drops into your animal's mouth for a specified time to assist their healing process.


For information on how to take a surrogate sample and to access the form for your pet, click on the appropriate pdf links below. Feel free to contact me for further information or to discuss your animal's needs.

Surrogate Information

Animal Client Record - Dog

Animal Client Record - Cat

Tigger and Possum Magic - Their  Story

After achieving the dream of owning a little lifestyle block for us and our fur babies to have so much room to play, it sadly became an impossible task to manage the grazing for our very much loved ponies.

Ponies love to eat and of course will then ‘founder’ [sort of like diabetes – sugar imbalance, weight gain, hooves break down]. It is so heart breaking to see an animal in so much pain from this laminitis.

My daughter’s pony from birth has pretty much been in a permanent state of low grade founder. The feed this summer was amazing with so much rain but our horses were suffering despite how hard we tried to manage them.

Just by pure chance I noticed a shared post on Facebook and the fact that 11 Principles were located in the same State as myself figured it was a good omen and worth the phone call.

Lisa has been totally amazing with all our consults conducted via phone and Skype as a 900km round trip with the 2 horses was not practical. SkaSys bio-energy assessment identified specific treatment - vibrational homeopathic remedies, changes to diet, supplements and exercise and the results have been beyond incredible. 

Both horses have lost a LOT of weight and to date are easily maintaining a healthy weight for a pony.   We are beyond relief with their hooves, one being very sound and the other well on the way to a full recovery.  Both horses now are happy, healthy and move without pain or lameness.

Both our horses just love their vibrational remedies and each night wait patiently for their turn to have the drops. Enjoy the short videos I have taken showing my daughter giving both our horses their nightly remedies. We cannot thank Lisa at 11 Principles enough for giving our fur babies quality of life again.

Mary S, Geraldton, WA

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