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SkaSys Bio-energy Assessment 


Using quantum technology and consciousness medicine for holistic healing

SkaSys is a non-invasive testing system which harnesses the power and intelligence of modern quantum physics and scalar wave technology. Kinesiology (muscle monitoring) is used to interpret the degree of resonance or resistance within the body so there is no electrical interference or the incidence of false readings as might be found in some bio-feedback systems.

Take Control of Your Health and Well-being

SkaSys was designed to allow for the identification of minute imbalances within the body which are present before there are any physical signs or symptoms. By screening for dis-ease, getting a picture of the body's current state of stress or well-being, and identifying triggers and/or causative factors well before a pathological condition evolves, there is much greater success maintaining optimum health and well-being. So it is perfect for the health-conscious wanting to limit the effects of ageing and to prevent chronic disorders and disease.


For those who already have health issues; a diagnosed condition, disorder or disease process in play, you can gain insight into what is involved and find out what will support the body’s natural functions. This knowledge can be beneficial in order to take appropriate action and better understand your role in ill-health and wellness preservation. By knowing what your body needs, you can make changes with confidence, gain more ownership of decisions regarding your health and take control of your life. 

Comprehensive Information

It is relatively simple to pinpoint imbalances and/or compatible and effective treatments unique to you as the system uses a comprehensive database of over 40,000 items, which includes body structures, biological and other chemicals, allergens, toxins and parasites, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects, constitutional factors, earth-based and man-made energetic disturbances, meridians, and a host of medicines, supplements and natural remedies. Almost anything can be tested for imbalance or balance, efficiency and effectiveness.

Your Body Knows It's Job

Every cell within your bodies knows its specific job, how it is supposed to work and what needs to be done to rectify any imbalance, all without your conscious input. SkaSys allows the invisible to become visible. It enables all body systems to be thoroughly checked in an ordered, logical manner and to drill down to reveal the energetic and physical imbalances which can manifest as disorders and illnesses. A session provides valuable insight into this innate wisdom of the body.


The use of this cutting edge technology gained popularity across Europe and North America in the 1990's and is still used by a number of medical, chiropractic, dental and holistic practitioners, especially in Germany where it was designed, manufactured and marketed. Lisa Throssell is the only internationally trained practitioner and 11 Principles has the only operating system in Australasia.

A SkaSys session can provide insights into many conditions caused by:

  •  Weakness in constitutional miasmas – how to strengthen basic vitality and healing ability

  •  Toxicities – identify stress resulting from heavy metals, pesticides, infections, parasites

  •  Stress in structures of the body – cells, bones, muscles and organs

  •  Imbalance in body chemistry – hormones, neurotransmitters, amino acids, enzymes

  •  Deficiencies – vitamins, minerals and trace elements

  •  Intolerances and allergies – identify specific food, plant, animal allergens, pollutants

  •  Stress - emotional, mental, spiritual – establish underlying causes and effective therapies

  •  Meridian energy blocks  – identify specific acupuncture points and appropriate treatment

  •  Sensitivity to natural or man-made energies eg geopathic stress, microwave, TV radiation

SkaSys is particularly useful in uncovering the complete picture of complex disorders including:

  •  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Fibromyalgia and Lyme Disease

  •  Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn's, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and auto-immune disorders

  •  Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), food intolerance, digestive issues

  •  Hay fever, Allergies, Rhino-sinusitis  

  •  Weight problems, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance

  •  Sleep disorders, insomnia, nightmares, night sweats

  •  Hormone imbalances,diabetes, 

  •  Infertility, PCOS, pre-menstrual tension, menopause

  •  Neurotransmitter imbalances, ADD, ADHD and learning difficulties

  •  Migraines, Hypertension, Prostate enlargement

What happens in a session? What can I expect?
A brief history is taken at the beginning of each session to identify the client’s purpose for the SkaSys screening.  Sessions are conducted with the client fully clothed, lying comfortably on a therapy table.  The body’s response is measured by extending the arms gently back above the head.  For people with reduced mobility in the shoulders, those who cannot lie down, babies, children, pets and people unable to travel to the clinic, surrogate testing is available.

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