Principles of Practice

My Commitment to You

Any interventions respect you as the healer taking part in the process, whilst I facilitate the re-balancing of physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual aspects to activate and support your body's innate healing abilities.







I genuinely wish to help you to achieve optimal health and well-being, but you have an important role to play in assisting yourself in achieving that too. I will listen, openly discuss options, help you set realistic goals and I will care enough about you to tell you the hard truth and give you a kick in the behind when it is needed. 


The business was originally named for the eleven principles we wanted to embrace:

  1.  Offer a range of holistic and complementary therapies

  2.  Deliver a comprehensive, professional service

  3.  Provide knowledgeable, skilled and committed practitioners

  4.  Acknowledge that every body possesses its own innate wisdom

  5.  Inform, educate and mentor

  6.  Encourage personal responsibility

  7.  Support self-empowerment and decision-making

  8.  Identify beneficial lifestyle changes

  9.  Review currency of therapeutic practices

  10.  Provide a nurturing environment

  11.  Maintain high ethical standards

Each session is tailored to your needs

Each session begins with a consultation to identify and discuss your needs, receive any feedback regarding your progress since the last session and to pinpoint any problems currently being experienced. Being able to speak openly about things is an integral part of therapy and much can be learned from listening to you talk about your experiences, and any concerns. This interaction also helps to decide on the appropriate therapy, or combination of therapies needed. You are encouraged to ask any questions as they arise.

Except for massage therapy, all sessions are conducted with you lying comfortably and fully clothed on a treatment bed. Minimal physical movement is required. For SkaSys and MindLINK sessions, a form of kinesiology is used (called the arm length reflex test) which requires good mobility in the shoulders and arms. If you do experience any difficulty stretching your arms above your head, or have discomfort when lying on your back for an hour, then a surrogate test is recommended.

At the end of the session, Lisa will provide feedback, answer any questions you may have and recommend activities or interventions required to continue and/or maintain your progress. This may include how and when to take your remedies and/or supplements, instruction on and practice of regular energetic exercises, and how to implement positive changes to your lifestyle, including alterations to your diet, managing negative thoughts and emotions and making better choices.

If you cannot attend the clinic in person, many of my services are available distantly. This system is perfect for clients outside the Perth metropolitan area or living interstate or internationally, for babies and children, elderly or those in hospital and of course for companion (pets) and working animals.

It is understandably difficult to choose which therapy is most helpful for you, especially at a stressful time.


So, I am here to help you decide what is best for you. Call me for an obligation free chat, I will listen to your needs and then recommend a course of action. 

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