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Physical Therapies

Supporting your body to re-balance and heal naturally

Sometimes referred to as 'bodywork', physical therapies address issues related to the tension, stress or strain in the muscles, tendons, ligaments and other tissues. Various methods can be used to assist with the return of function to tired, stiff, de-energised or damaged parts of the body.



A massage is a hands-on technique that can be used for relaxation and/or for therapeutic purposes. It stimulates the increase in flow of blood to the tissues and helps improve the movement of lymph through the lymph glands. Kneading pressure breaks up any crystallised metabolites, such as lactic acid, which can be trapped in the muscles due to poor circulation, over-use, stress or damage. Increased heat and blood flow helps the body to better eliminate any toxins.

Relaxation Massage 

If you are seeking some time out to pamper yourself and be re-invigorated, a massage at 11 Principles is more than your average experience. Each session provides the physical touch, but also fills you with beautiful healing energies to integrate, harmonise and relax your mind, body and soul. Lose yourself in the bliss, aroma and therapeutic benefits of essential oils. The use of light pressure and sweeping strokes are used to bring about a sense of calm to both body and mind. Heavier pressure or acupressure points can be used to loosen specific tight muscles where needed.

" I have been seeing Lisa for a couple of years for remedial massage and her work is just magic. Lisa is highly professional and a very caring person who is able to tune in to what your body needs. If you're suffering from stress or aches and pains, or if you just feel like some pampering, I would highly recommend Lisa."

Chris, Carlisle, Western Australia

Therapeutic Massage 

Do you suffer from a stiff neck, back and shoulders or have tight muscles associated with sport or over-use? Then a combination of firmer pressure and deeper tissue kneading is ideal for reducing discomfort and pain in your tired, aching body. It helps to release blockages and return the muscles to a state of normal tension. Temporary relief can also be gained from muscle spasms and cramps, thus improving your range of movement and flexibility. Essential oils and/or liniment is used to bring extra blood supply to specific areas to speed the healing process.

Acupressure and Hip Re-alignment

Lisa learned a range of effective non-manipulative techniques whilst studying with a chiropractor in Santa Monica, USA. By locating specific points within the muscle body and/or insertion points where stress is held, she uses a constant firm pressure and/or a series of deeper movements to unlock the tension.


It is effective for reducing discomfort and pain associated with tight and overworked muscles, especially in the neck, back and shoulders, as well as the calves and the buttocks. Sciatica can also be treated by realigning hips, rectifying any twists in the pelvis, which alleviates the pressure on the sciatic nerve and stops the pain.

A general massage of the affected, and surrounding, area following the acupressure aids the release of built-up toxins which can then be more easily eliminated by the body's natural processes.

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