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If you are interested in how I got to where I am then read on .....

I'm a holistic practitioner who uses natural intuitive perception to enhance the expertise I learned as a registered nurse. I have always cared for animals, the environment and people and my love for the healing arts comes from a mix of nature and nurture. 

As a child I used to try to save all manner of creatures - injured birds, lizards ... I was also very aware of the invisible realms with which we share our space and I could communicate with, and see, things that most other people could not. Although I didn't know that at the time and when some 20 years later my brother remarked "You always talked to people that weren't there!" I was somewhat surprised and responded with "Thanks for telling me that now!!!" 

But healing and compassion also runs in my blood: my great aunt Crystal was a nurse at the Perth Children's Hospital in the early days (1920's) and my mother completed her training at Royal Perth Hospital (RPH) in the early 1960's. I followed in their footsteps and started my nursing training, at the WA School of Nursing whose base was RPH, in 1982. 

I credit the hospital-based system with refining my skills of observation, organisation and perseverance whilst giving me the richness of opportunity to hone my innate intuitive abilities. Those abilities certainly have saved many lives both in the hospital and real-life settings. Following graduation I worked for a few years at Royal Perth and Derby Regional Hospitals in Western Australia, then feeling disillusioned with the health system in general I quit to follow another path - caring for plants and the natural environment in horticulture.

I suppose I could be called a "Jill of all trades" having had many different jobs - horse riding instructor, landscaper, steamroller driver, horticulturist at the Perth Zoo establishing the African Savannah, professional photographer, pit technician in a gold mine, course co-ordinator at a university, shop assistant, technical writer, trainer at a nickel plant, small business owner... no matter what field I turned my hand to there was always an element of learning, growing and helping people.


In 2000, whilst living in Kalgoorlie, I established Across Dimensions, as much to placate the nagging of my Soul as to return to doing what I truly loved full-time, helping people to achieve better health and well-being. 


In 2005, I returned to Perth after 6 years in Kalgoorlie, and opened 11 Principles Pty Ltd with business partner, Lindsey Murphy. Together we worked to identify the best ways we could assist people to be healthier, happier and to live lives filled with awareness, love and gratitude. At that time, I also completed study to regain my nursing registration. In 2010, I decided to further my studies and gained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing with Distinction from Curtin University. 

Studying and researching sustains my desire to find out how things tick and my inquisitive and investigative Scorpio nature loves delving into mysteries and the metaphysical world. I see this as the best combination - an intuitive who likes proof!


I am fascinated with the human body and what it means to be human. I never tire of learning about the body's functionality, its capacity for incredible resilience and the inner wisdom it possesses to know how to maintain equilibrium, to return itself to perfect balance, known in medical terms as homeostasis.

One of my special interests is mental and emotional stress and trauma; particularly the impact caused by negative experiences early on in life. I continue to find that clients whom have suffered from difficult childhoods where they were involved in, or exposed to, situational chaos, neglect, abandonment, violence or abuse are particularly vulnerable to loneliness, anxiety, depression and other mental health disorders, volatile relationships, poor impulse control including anger issues and addictions, and chronic illness throughout their lives.  


In June 2014, I commenced 18 months of in-depth, bare your soul, 'no stone left unturned' Shamanic Practitioner training. I had the incredible opportunity to work on myself at a very deep level, to clear away blocks, to become a 'hollow bone' and enhance the way I worked with energy and spirit. I also connected with additional guides with whom I work in other realms of existence and in service to my clients. 


I realised many of the practices were familiar to me. In my pre and early teens, before I learned about mediumship and channelling, I would occasionally be struck down with an overload of negative energies - migraine-like headaches, nausea, muscle stiffness, weird skin sensations and feeling physically over-heated or freezing cold. In effect I would act like a lightning rod, transmuting energy through my physical body. Much later I learned how to transmute negativity safely and without it affecting me so badly. 

In May 2016, Lindsey and I walked some of the Camino Frances, a spiritual pilgrimage also called the Way of St James from Leon to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. It was an incredible experience full of adventure, hospitality, gratitude, daily prayer-fullness and was physically and spiritually challenging at times. It was such a colourful trip and worth sharing, so I will put my daily posts from that time into the blog on this site so you can have a read and do the journey with me. 

Mid 2017, I commenced training with the British Academy of Sound Therapy to further my understanding of how sound and vibration can be harnessed to help establish harmony, balance and be the catalyst for healing. 

I have much gratitude for my life and all that I have experienced. I also have such respect and love for our Mother Earth that I regularly donate time to the energetic healing of our planet and all her inhabitants. A few times a year I join with a group of wonderful practitioners "The Selfless Servers" to deliver healing services to several homeless centres in Perth. I am also enjoying supporting a non-funded school in Denpasar, Bali who provide education and accommodation for kids from poor communities and those with learning disabilities such as autism.

If you feel you have a connection and are ready to take the next step in your journey then why not contact me and together we can get started.

It is understandably difficult to choose which therapy is most helpful for you, especially at a stressful time.


So, I am here to help you decide what is best for you. Call me for an obligation free chat, I will listen to your needs and then recommend a course of action. 

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