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MindLINK® Consciousness Medicine


Re-programming for Improved Performance, Health, Learning and Success


A MindLINK® session can uncover the hidden psycho-emotional limiting beliefs and blockers, providing you with a customised set of corrective affirmations to re-program your subconscious for positive outcomes. This is a client-specific therapy and the treatment is effective because it is unique to you and your needs.

MindLINK® uses an extensive database, scalar wave technology and a simple muscle-testing (kinesiology) technique to identify the issues held in the subconscious needing attention. It is perfect for pinpointing the remedy for negative emotional patterns and blocks associated with long term illness, anxiety and depression, poor study grades, lack lustre performance, relationship issues and those nagging obstructions preventing you reaching your potential in sport, study or chosen profession.


What can MindLINK be used for?

The effective power of MindLINK® can be harnessed to:

  • Enhance self-esteem to improve social anxiety and shyness  

  • Support learning problems/concentration disorders (ADD, ADHD)

  • Uncover self-sabotage programs

  • Solve motivation issues - overcoming procrastination

  • Develop personal success strategies

  • Increase efficiency and creativity

  • Improve performance in sports, competitions and productions

  • Tackle victim mentality to overcome bullying

  • Address confidence issues - public speaking, presentation

  • Overcome phobias (fear of flying, spiders, water, etc.)

  • Eliminate addictions and cravings - smoking, sugar, over-eating 

  • Resolve trauma - specific incidences or general patterns


So if you are looking to be at the top of your game - relaxed, confident and successful - but are having trouble achieving that top performance and whether you tell yourself you are just not good enough, haven't got the skill, energy or support, or criticise yourself for lacking motivation, MindLINK can help. 

Like many people, you may have a subconscious block, or a few of them, interfering with your progress. Many of us suffer, for instance, from a deep-seated fear of failure (or success) and our subliminal patterns sabotage our best efforts to get ahead.

Positive Change is Easy

The solution might seem way too simple - just play your specific affirmations quietly in the background whilst you work, even while you sleep - but the reported outcomes are nothing short of astounding.


  • The State champion rhythmic gymnast who got her mojo back, achieving a PB score to return to being a winner after her confidence was shot.

  • The guy who overcame golf putting jips in one session and without the need to re-train.

  • The woman who beat a dependence on comfort eating and lost 20kgs in a matter of months.

  • The little boy who was able to sleep in his own bed no longer afraid of the dark.

  • The Olympic swimming hopeful who regained her racing confidence after injury.


And these are just a few of the success stories. MindLINK® is not just great for assisting adults. Children have benefited from better concentration and moderation of mood/behaviour with proven better grades and favourable feedback from their school teachers.

Since implementing MindLINK® into my business in 2004 it has proven time and time again to be a simple, yet highly effective therapy to help clients attain not only the specific results they seek but experience an enhanced quality of life as well.


I love that it is so versatile! Any issues on the physical, mental, psycho-emotional or spiritual level can be assisted whether you can see a link or not. 

* (on average) a half hour session is long enough to identify the corrective affirmations to remedy a specific issue.

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