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Some feedback from a few of my happy clients.......    


"I have suffered for many years with severe pain in my lower stomach and doctors have not been able to relieve my suffering. After one two hour visit with Lisa the pain is gone! She found that the pain was related to trauma from my past, many years ago, that I had not dealt with. Lisa used her skills to remove the pain and bring me healing emotionally and physically. It has been wonderful not to have that constant pain in my stomach, I’m so happy.

I learned so much in the session with her. I was able to reconnect to my child self, recoup my energies that I had given away and give back that which did not belong to me, making me feel whole once more. I learned that I am a number 8 and the meanings to all the numbers relating to my date of birth [numerology]. I was given advice on the things I needed to learn in my life and also the important numbers of my five children and husband and what they need to learn.

Although I gave Lisa some information about my life there were many things that she just knew and she described these things with absolute accuracy. 

It was such an amazing thing to realise that I could change what I attracted into my life. When you stand outside of yourself and look in, so many questions are answered.

I would like to thank Lisa for all of the love she radiated as she gently helped me to return to who I really am and for her patience, guidance and healing. I will definitely see her again and wish her the best good karma for the gift that she is giving to others in this life. I am a changed woman. Best wishes to all,"

Sally Steedman, Warnbro, Western Australia 

" I have been seeing Lisa for a couple of years for remedial massage and her work is just magic. Lisa is highly professional and a very caring person who is able to tune in to what your body needs. If you're suffering from stress or aches and pains, or if you just feel like some pampering, I would highly recommend Lisa."

Chris, Carlisle, Western Australia


"As a child I felt out of place in my family and I feel I missed out on a normal and loving childhood. I sought help from 11 Principles for abandonment issues which continuously affected all relationships throughout my life. I am delighted to report that these past issues have been resolved and I am now free to spontaneously and enthusiastically live in the present moment and enjoy the life I have."

L Wells, Salter Point, Western Australia


"The session [Reclaim and Reintegrate Therapy] had a big positive effect - thank you so much. Afterwards my heart felt more 'mushy'. Then over the following days I noticed I could cope with stress much more easily and was more open to approaching things with compassion.

It has continued to be a tough year for me but I feel I am now able to take on these challenges without detriment to my health and am continuing to treat them as learning exercises. The feelings of physical tension and tightness in my heart area that I was experiencing before the session are now gone. And by the way, remember my girlfriend, she is now my wife.

Mr CG, Perth, Western Australia

"I have known Lisa for many years and have experienced many benefits from her services over that time. From the basics, such as vitamin deficiencies, to clearing energy blocks and removing negative belief patterns, I have grown significantly as a person and know that her work has helped strip layers of hurt from me, all of which have allowed me to get to where I am today, successful, healthy and happily married. Her guidance has been invaluable."

Natalie, Orange, NSW

"I was on many medications from doctors for many years after being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis as a child. Twelve years ago, I needed to have both hips and a shoulder replaced. My life was controlled by pain killers, anti-depressants, anti-inflammatories and high doses of antibiotics. These put my body out of balance and I was very unhealthy and very unhappy.

Lisa has taught me about nutrition and which foods I must avoid because my body reacts to them. In-depth testing identified what MY body does and doesn't like. Previously I didn't know what triggered my condition as this information was not provided by doctors. Sticking to the Nutrispec recommendations has really improved my life and I am forever grateful!

I participated in a ladies triathlon in 2012. I have a joy for life, because my body is now pain free and I have energy and strength to make the most of my life and enjoy it to the full. After being on the [NUTRI-SPEC] program with support and encouragement from Lisa at 11 Principles, my body is the strongest it has ever been. "

R W, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

"I just want to take this opportunity to thank Lisa for the fantastic work she has done with my 81 year old mum. She arrived from New Caledonia feeling exhausted, stressed, paranoid, in a defensive mode and suffering with short term memory and speech issues.

It's now been 13 days since Lisa worked on her [using a combination of Skasys bio-energy assessment and Advanced Vibrational Therapy] and the results are truly fantastic; she is sleeping well and the pressure she was feeling is totally gone.

She can now speak normally and her memory is improving. Overall she has recovered very quickly for her age and she has a big smile on her face all the time. So a big thank you to Lisa, you really are the BEST."

Claudine Denis Thirard, Rivervale, Western Australia 

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