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Reclaim and Reintegrate Therapy


You deserve to be free of limitations and have access to your full potential!


This is a powerful energy therapy where you play an integral role in the creative visualisation process to reclaim your power, life force and authentic self.  I recommend this one-off session as a first step on your healing journey as it seems to greatly improve the body's capacity to take full advantage of any other therapies you choose to undertake whether medical or complementary in nature.


It effectively returns all the beliefs, programs, patterns and 'bits and pieces' you have absorbed that weren't yours, that don't fit or suit you on a holistic level, and reclaims and reintegrates those aspects of self you gave away or were taken from you. The majority of these life-impacting energetic transactions occur unintentionally and unconsciously during the early years of life, prior to the age of 7 years, but their negative emotional and psychological effects carry on for a lifetime!


If you unfortunately carry the heavy burdens of a difficult childhood and suspect they are causing current issues whether it be with your relationships, self-esteem, confidence, or self-control then you might want to give this one-off session a go! You don't need to suffer from anxiety and depression, feelings of abandonment and betrayal or have to battle with uncontrolled emotions such as anger, resentment, frustration and grief, especially when they may not even be yours to begin with.

Free Yourself!

The first part of this one-time process is to gently and effectively free yourself of the non-authentic aspects taken on from your parents, in particular, whether you aware of them or not. The 'stuff' that is not really ours has the effect of draining our energy and vitality, feeds procrastination and avoidance, limits our creativity and problem-solving, and can influence the way we feel and act.


When you are able to give back all the burdens, emotional baggage and the subconscious thought patterns, to their rightful owners - your mum and dad - you can begin to see, feel and live the real you.

Even if you had an idyllic childhood, you still naturally 'absorbed' the ways and expectations of those you cared about; perhaps to please them and to fit in, to feel loved in return, to show your respect etc. Some of those aspects may not be serving you now as an adult or as your own person trying to make your way in the world.


Reclaim YOU!

The second part of the process is all about taking back what is rightfully yours so you can live a more fulfilling, happy and successful life, with an abundance of love, creativity and joy.

Those life-affirming aspects needing to be returned and reintegrated commonly include your sacred heart, self-love, self-esteem, confidence, vitality, creativity, intuitiveness, natural healing powers, and more.

This therapy is not about blame or guilt or revenge. It focuses on responsibility, truth, authenticity and regaining control of your life. It helps you to become capable, balanced and integrated enough to properly love you, to compassionately and intuitively look after yourself and to not take on other's emotions, feeling and energies.


Originally called 'Block Removal Therapy' (because I couldn't think of a better title at the time!) this technique evolved from a shamanic practice called 'Give Back, Take Back'. It is delivered in a nurturing, gentler, less physically taxing way than the traditional more masculine Shamanic approach.

Life-Changing Outcomes

It is only a few years since this therapy was added to the services at 11 Principles but the feedback has been extraordinary. It is proving to be a profound, life-changing experience for many people, especially those with crippling, chronic disease where traditional treatment is failing because the body and mind does not have the energy to heal. So much so, that a medical practitioner regularly recommends and sends many clients for a session as an adjunct to the Western medical approach.


The positive outcomes can be seen physiologically in test results and via patient self-reported improvements in physical, mental and emotional symptoms.

Session Preparation

Once an appointment is booked, you will be emailed a Client Information Record to complete and bring with you to your first session. The therapy room is very private and provides a safe and nurturing environment allowing you to feel completely comfortable at all times; free to talk and ask questions if needed.

Following an introductory discussion, you get to lie down on the therapy table fully clothed for the remainder of the session. You are encouraged to close your eyes, relax and be fully engaged whilst you follow the easy instructions including visualising or imagining, consciously allowing the exchange of energies - the returning and reclaiming - whilst the practitioner directs and assists with the harmonious flow, release of any negative energetic aspects and ensures full integration and balancing on completion.

You will also be taught some simple energetic exercises when done daily will assist you in maintaining the benefits of the therapy and to ensure you continue to progress.


Clients tell me they feel very different afterwards, like they don't quite know themselves. And that is true. Most of us have given away so much of our true self and taken on so many other false aspects that who we really are is no longer recognisable. It sometimes takes a few days (or even weeks in some cases) of integrating the 'new you' to fully remember and acknowledge how brilliant and amazing you really are.

"A life free from the masks, limitations and false beliefs you automatically take on as a child, just to fit in, to be loved and accepted, means you can just be your truest self"
Lisa Nicole Throssell

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